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Salvation as Healing     PDF     epub
Seeing God’s salvation from a different perspective

Will God Shred the Evidence?     PDF     epub
Divine amnesia? Destroying the evidence? What is this time of learning for?

Killing Grace     PDF     epub
How religious systems can work against us

Holy Curiosity     PDF     epub
How we need to remain open and curious to God and the Universe

Judgment     PDF     epub
What is  the truth about the judgment?

Once Saved, Always Saved?     PDF     epub
What’s the answer to this common belief?

Final Fate of the Wicked     PDF     epub
What is the end-time destruction of sinners all about?

The Difference of One     PDF     epub
The story of how Patrick made a difference in Ireland

Lone Violin     PDF     epub
Sharing the good news outside an Irish pub…

The Radical Christ     PDF     epub
An analysis of the revolutionary message of Jesus

Rejecting Reason?     PDF      epub
Examining the idea that religion and reason don’t mix

The Problem of Suffering     PDF     epub
Looking again at an age-old question

God and Meaning in the Sacrificial System     PDF     epub
What was it for?

A Universe of Pitiless Indifference?     PDF     epub
What do we see out there?

The God who is there—despite the uncertainty     PDF     epub

Thinking with Proverbial Aunt Maude     PDF     epub
So what does make sense?

The Lord of Hope     PDF     epub

Hell!     PDF     epub

NEW! South Africa report with pictures HERE
Audio report HERE

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As FBM moves forward the plan is to continue the development of the Free Bible Version, web distribution and audio production, as well as examining the possibility of making this Bible available at no cost in hardcopy. Seminars and presentations will promote the new version as a basis for sharing theological and spiritual concepts. It is hoped that with God’s blessing, this ministry will expand to help fulfill the gospel commission.

Free Bible Ministry is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland


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